How to prepare your pet for a photo session

Please fill out the client survey on our contact us page to let us know a bit about your pet. This will allow us to determine what kind of setting would be best to capture your pet's unique personality.

Prior to the photo session it is a good idea to have your pet bathed or groomed so they look their best. It is especially important to make sure longer haired dogs have the hair neatly trimmed away from around their eyes. We love to take photos in all seasons but we will reschedule if it rains or is excessively cloudy on the day of your session as we work exclusively with ambient light and low levels may affect photo quality. Our dog photo shoots take place outdoors and off leash. The owner must be present with the dog at all times. If you have a concern about your pets recall ability you may restrain them on a long leash, which we can edit out of the photos in post production. Outdoor photo sessions usually take place first thing in the morning or last thing in the evening as that is when the light is most flattering. We look forward to booking your session soon!